This "Home Owner Area" has been created to keep members informed and help them understand the STEP Association, the system installed on their property and to provide online access to STEP Homeowners Association (HOA) documents and records.

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In this area of the website you will find the "STEP System Design" and "System Shut-off" pages. These are key pages for each Homeowner as they provide you with pictures and written descriptions of the STEP system, how it operates and what needs to be done to keep the systems problem free. Additional system and system maintenance information are available on the "Design Documents" page.

Also included in this area of the Website is a "
Service Providers" page. This page contains providers that understand STEP systems and that have been used by Canterwood residents in the past. The Board is not recommending the use of these specific Service Providers but we have included them in hopes your search for professional support is quicker and easier. We have a STEP Operations and Maintenance contract with one of the services providers listed and we have asked them to offer our community members discounted service rates. See the Service Providers page for more information.

The final page within the Home Owner Area contains HOA documentation. In the pages that fall underneath "
HOA Documentation" you will find everything needed to understand the day to day operations of the Division 12 STEP. This section is here to ensure transparency.

We hope you find the information in this Homeowner section useful. If you feel this site is lacking in any area, if you find it does not answer all of your questions or you would like to recommend we add additional content to the site
please provide your suggestions in an email, to any of the member of the Board, and we will work to add or enhance our information.