Welcome to Division 12 STEP Home Owners Association (HOA)
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This site was developed to serve our STEP community by providing information related to the activities of this HOA that improve our members’ knowledge and understanding of the STEP system on their property.  We are focused on managing our community’s wastewater in a responsible and proactive manner. This includes infrastructure integrity—both the STEP’s equipment and our individual homeowner member’s equipment, hydrogen sulfide and infiltration and inflow control, fiscal management—cost control and containment, and transparency. We cannot accomplish these goals alone. It takes work by every STEP member in the form of participation and proper care and maintenance of their system. In order for us to better serve your interests, we ask each resident and new homeowners to provide the HOA with current contact information; phone, mailing and email addresses and preferences. Without this information, it is very difficult to contact you in the event of an emergency. Homeowners who are new to Division 12 should look at New Homeowners Material page.

The pages on this website are intended to be a resource to the members of Division 12. We have used graphics and text to explain each of the system components and how the system works. In developing this site we know there may be topics not addressed and/or areas not as clear as they might be. If you have ideas or suggestions feel free to pass them on to any of the STEP Board members.

Thank You
Canterwood Division 12 STEP Association Board of Directors